The American members of the cast of Domino Day 2001. Myself, Jorge Merlos, Melanie Covello and Baron Littleton.

Checkin' out a local Dutch restaurant. Expensive, but very delicious.

Casper - the hot assistant producer.

The pool table display was one of the 75 projects that was created out of the 3.7 million dominos.

One of the most talked about displays was the rollercoaster. It rose over 7 meters high and the dominos actually fell while climbing up the stairs.

This frame was done by handsetting each individual domino on the floor one by one. This area took me approximately one week to complete.

Two of the 10 crazy coaches that guided us through the 8 week process of building the architectural domino displays.

It didn't matter if you were hacking up a lung, you were working.

At night my roommate Joyce and I would explore Maastricht. I discovered that most people didn't drive because they couldn't fit into the cars.

During the weekends we got to travel to local castles, underground caves, and take boat tours.

My friend Bass. He's a great dancer...currently working in Africa teaching gym classes.

The first night in 3 weeks that we got to eat some real food like steak and baked potato.

One of my favorite coaches. Mark was always so high spirited...especially after a night of partying.

The Europeans got to experience Halloween first hand this year. We saran wrapped toilet seats and toilet papered the halls of the hostile to give them the full effect.

When the last domino was placed...the celebration started.

A Dutch photographer captured this moment. 10 hours a day on my hands and knees was pretty rough, but the whole experience was worth it.

Bianca & Joyce came to visit Jorge and I in Los Angeles.

Domino Day story in the LA Times

Meanwhile, back at the dairy farm...

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