Tina Marie Holewinski
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125
Contact: 323-697-8085
E-mail: tina_holewinski@yahoo.com

Limited Too - Emcee Cox Communications
Suzuki Spokesmodel Kodak Picture Planet
Loreal National Trainer CTS Cadillac
Nintendo - Pokemon Edgix
Daimler-Chrysler (narrator) B3 Energy Drink
Nevica Killy Skiwear Gillette
Propel Fitness Water Panasonic (shockwave)
Foster Farms Chicken Panasonic (DVD-RAM)
Volvo Miller
Ponds(pondsquad.com) Ecology Auto Parts
Ferrero Candy Convention BigWords.com
Thermasilk Caress
GMC Getprofiled.com
Pantene ProV Hair Care Textbooks.com
Coca Cola OnTap.com
Sports Illustrated College Tour Febreeze
Goldwell Hair Show (dancer/runway) Swiffer
Oil of Olay Thinklink.com
Dockers Stretch Khakis Dryel
Glamour Magazine Physique Hair Care
Mademoiselle Magazine Head and Shoulders
Barbie Birthday Tour Excedrin Migraine
Palm Pilot Quaker Oat Bars
Vox Vodka Noxzema
El Tesoro Gourmet Global Tasting
Cazadores Polaroid
Tami Flu Discover Card
Fruitopia Pseudo.com
Pepsid AC Chewables Marlboro
Oreo Cookie Stacking Contest Winston
Eclipse Juice Camel
Hooked Up College Tour - Details Magazine Nabisco
Schwartzkopf Hair Show Anheuser-Busch
Search for Auctions.com Coppertone
Bizzed.com Citibank

Drumming, Dialects (mid-western, southern, American Sign language), Singing (pop, jazz, country), Dancing (country line, modern, social, hip-hop, rumba, waltz, cha cha, tango, swing, fox trot, jitterbug, polka, hustle, salsa), Musician (drums, piano, keyboard), host, tele-prompter, kickboxing, wakeboarding, skiing, rock climbing, TV Anchor, Print/Runway/Promotional Model, Ice Skating, Photographer, Videographer, Reporter/Writer, Football, Weight Lifting, Tae Kwon Do, Aerobics, Jump Rope, Billiards, Roller Skating, Roller Blading, Bowling, Waitressing, Cooking, Whistling, Horseback Riding, Juggling, Driving (stick & auto), Sewing, Milking Cows, Picking Rocks, Bailing Hay.

Meanwhile, back at the dairy farm...

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