Promotional/Tour Photos!

Just finished a 3 month tour for Limited Too! i was the M.C. Very fun were awesome...

A couple of cool Austin chicks I met after the first show on the tour.

I made Rose Falcone's bass guitarist Brian help me hand out prizes :)

Three of my cutest models. I want baby girls like these someday ;)

As a National Trainer for Loreal, I conducted seminars throughout the country on hair care, skin care and cosmetics.

Giving a makeover at an Atlanta seminar.

The whole gang from the National Suzuki tour 2001. 7 cites in 21 days. That was one of the neatest jobs I've ever booked. Lived out of my suitcase and ate different foods from around the country...oh yeah, and i worked.

Did some tag lines for Motoworld in Atlanta during the Suzuki tour. Aired on ESPN2.

LFO on tour - we YMers (Lauren, me, and Heidi) were there to welcome them.

Melinda, Shelly, Erika and I were all known as the Pepsid Girls. The news even mentioned that they had encountered us on the streets of LA.

Melinda and I serving the new drink RC Edge.

Never thought I'd be Barbie here in southern Cali...go figure.

Meanwhile, back at the dairy farm...

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